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"Strong foundations for the future."

About Our Company

Our Mission

Roubin-Co Inc.'s mission is to establish and oversee a competitive minority owned construction company operating throughout the D.C. metro area; through productive management and customer service we will aggressivly bid, aquire, and complete contracts in the commercial, municipal, and federal markets and in a vast array of respective construction fields.

Why Choose Roubin-Co Inc.?

We know that when you choose a company to work with, you want a company who is well organized, understands the task at hand, and whom you can count on. With Roubin-Co Inc., you will not only receive all three; but you will gain from a versatile mix of services and results, from a senior group of industry experts. Our staff knows what it takes to succeed and our clients' satisfaction is a direct testiment to our sustained growth in the industry.


Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding quotes, testimonials, or even advice on how to manage your upcoming projects.

Company Information

Established: June 21, 2007
Sector: Public and Private
Labor Affiliation: Nonunion and Prevailing Wage
Business License: Class A

Business Classification:

  • MOSB - Minority Owned Small Business

  • MDOT-MBE - Maryland Minority Business Enterprise

  • LDBE - Local Disadvantaged Business Enterprise

  • SWAM - Small Women & Minority Owned Business


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